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  • Quality controls, Alignment and Mapping; 

  • Model and non-model organisms;

  • NGS data annotation to multiple databases; 

  • Structural variants (SNP, allels, reorganizatios);

  • Copy number variations (CNVs);

  • Biomarker discovery;

  • Phenotype-genotype assotiations;

  • De-novo genome assemblies;

  • Gene annotation;

  • Metagenomics;

  • Bacterial taxonomy analyses;

  • Phylogenetic studies.




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Healthcare data security levels .

Your data, even more secure than in your own institution.

Bioinformatic Analyses

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We get the most of your data from Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray experiments.

Any platform, any organism, any genome size.

  • Quality Controls, Alignment and Mapping; 

  • Model and non-model organisms;

  • NGS data annotation to multiple databases; 

  • Gene expression quantification and profiling;

  • Functional enrichment analyses;

  • Comparative differential expression analyses;​

  • Novel isoforms detection;

  • De-novo transcriptome assemblies;

  • Detection of novel small RNAs;

  • Metatranscriptomics

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CRO on Genomics and Bioinformatics

  • Quality Controls, Alignment and Mapping;

  • Human and model organisms;

  • Promoters and TSS analyses;

  • DNA methilation patterns detection;

  • Histone modification;

  • Promoter polimorphism;