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EU H2020 | National 

Scientific Grantt proposals writting.

Laboratory Products

Molecular & Cell Biology.

High-quality Molecular Laboratory Reagents.

Wide Clones & Antibodies Portfolio.

Fast and Urgent Delivery.

Research Services

Omics Lab & Bioinformatics.

Top technology platforms for DNA/RNA research.

Advanced bioinformatics pipelines. 

Biostatistical analyses.

Genomics | Transcriptomics | Epigenomics

Corporate Partnering

Strategic Innovation.

Diversification & growth through innovation.

Launching new products and services.

Scientific and technical consultancy Routine research and clinical analyses. 

Clinical Analyses

Genomics for Biomedicine.

Pathogenic and preventive DNA/RNA panels.

Clinical Exome and Whole-Genome analyses.

Biomarkers & Companion Diagnostics. 

Pharmacogenomics. Toxicogenomics.

Pushing the cure and prevention of diseases

Experience, profesionality and knowledge

Unbeatable products and delivery times.

The exact solution for your R&D project.

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